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August 21, 2014

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The greater threat for land loss in Springwater Township is from selling the MNR and Simcoe County forests

August 20, 2014

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are the monopoly seller of all crown and park land in Ontario. Through a wholly-owned subsidiary (Ontario Parks) and their crown holdings, they control 33.9% of the forests in south Springwater Township

Springwater land use map

Simcoe County administrators and politicians can sell 926.6 hectares of forests or 50% of the total 1,854.6 ha.

MSP county mnrf forests 2

Who you elect as Mayor and Deputy Mayor this October 27th will automatically get appointed to sit on county council. This is especially crucial for the Springwater Township electorate.

  • Only 16.2% of the true “enemy” of farmland is the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

The big money real estate action is in in destroying the forests for a 2nd time.

Let’s not forget that the county forests are called: The Lungs of the GTA.

Who does that Margaret Atwood think she is droning on and on and on and on about these “sinister” Ontario politicians?

August 18, 2014

Such nonsense: set, what?, to some background “music” of some weird drumming.

Atwood admonishment oh boy

Click here for video  or

175 views at 5 pm. 20140820

Don’t these people have a job? Who are these:

  • busy-body community activists,
  • self-promoting shysters,
  • an obviously confused and over-the-hill investigative journalist,
  • meddling celebrities, and
  • retired (read: unemployed) biologists?

The Midhurst Secondary Plan (and their stalward stakeholders) is NOT a farce.

To Do:

  • Click here for information so you can write a hand-written letter to Premier Wynne complaining about this type of unfair propaganda.
  • And here to find out who are the other +44,600 fools who agree with these types of people.

Q: What is more powerful than an internationally-known and -monitored land banker with perceived unlimited access to foreign cash?

August 16, 2014

A: Google’s indexing “bots“.

The most depraved and predatory of human activities requires the veneer of good character and respectability.

The Modern CorporationDr. Hare suggests that the psychopath is extremely clever in socially acceptable behavior but lacks all empathy. Dr. Bakan says that the modern corporation behaves as if it were a psychopath. If modern advertising and persuasion techniques (Dr. Cialdini) and the ultimate secular authority of the state via the electoral system (see Dr.  Zimbardo: Stanford Prison Experiment) is added to bucketloads of cash needing to get cleaned and out-of-their-league country mouse politicians (see loss aversion) you seem to have an impenetrable commercial juggernaut. A situation without hope.

How have I applied this?:I have been researching the the business format franchise industry since 1998 (see ON MCCR Industry Statistics).. I was one of 5 expert witnesses that led to Ontario’s first franchise law: Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (an unconscionable 30 year wait, see The Grange Report, Summary). To debunk confidence games and know when you are being “cooled out” requires accessible educational tools.

I started collecting the published “horror story” articles in 2000, then wrote a 2003 proposal to share that information with Ontario’s investing public, wrote about predatory franchise lending in 2005 to Industry Canada, and then created a central repository called in Feb 2009. Since 1990 the academic gold standard of franchise industry research is by Dr. Hadfield in Problematic Relations: Franchising and the Law of Incomplete Contracts. On average, per month this year, it is being downloaded for free, to anyone, around the world 118 times. Beguiling Heresy: Regulating the Franchising Relationship is being downloaded 94 times per month. I believe franchise families are smart enough to read Stanford and Penn State law review papers and draw their own conclusions about a commercial activity that has been called a Trap for the Trusting.

Tony Martin reminded me in the darkest times of what St. Leonard said:

There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

I am using a similar approach in treating the cancer that has afflicted my “communities of community”.

Four of 7 at Springwater Township council are pro anything-the-mega-developers want.

August 15, 2014

They vote in lock-step, as if they’re being disciplined or “whipped by some force.

Springwater township council 4 1

(l. to r.) Mayor Linda Collins, D Mayor Dan McLean, Councillors Dan Clement and Rick Webster

Needing/wanting to be have their “party” re-elected, the knives are coming out in articles in the Springwater News.

I suggest reading the last three of their articles to determine how sincere and trustworthy they are based on their choice of words.

  • Elmvale – from a 3rd Generation Resident, Councillor Dan Clement, August 14, 2014. pdf
  • CORRECT INFORMATION OR UNSUBSTATIATED OPINION, Deputy Mayor Dan McLean, July 31, 2014. pdf
  • My Position on the Midhurst Secondary Plan, Councillor Rick Webster, April 10, 2014. pdf

Will the community send them packing, just as they did to their mentors at Dump Site 41?

Who are you going to believe: Linda Collins or Margaret Atwood about the Midhurst Secondary Plan? (v2.0)

August 3, 2014

Mayor Collins has had 11 years on Springwater Township council, fully supports the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP) and recently registered as a candidate for re-election.

First video: Aug 3, 2014, now unavailable (see below).

New, second (now unlisted) video: Aug 9, 2014.

To view video, click here or

  • not on image.

Linda Collins video 1

Margaret Atwood has an alternate understanding:

  • life-wrecking event,
  • very strange and pretty sinister, and
  • ratepayer versus secretive things, behind -their-backs.

It will be up to township voters on October 27th to decide which lady is telling the truth.

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Barrie Bleuberry Festival continues today, 8 am to 3 pm

July 27, 2014

Come out to Barrie Hill Farm: Pick Healthy Homegrown Food.

Blueberry festival

Helping out are Knights, from left, Mike Speers, Les Stewart, Dennis Vaillancourt and Paul Gamble. Mark Wanzel Photo

The Barrie Examiner: Barrie Knights of Columbus festival benefits local cancer care.


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