Land economics: agricultural vs development exit options

How does a family exit farming and retain their good name?

All things being equal, Would you sell your 100 acres for:

  1. $5 00,000 to $1.1 million and keep the land producing Ontario food or
  2. $5,000,000 with approvals conditions to a Toronto housing developer?

To me there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling what you lawfully possess. None whatsoever: property rights are the foundation of our society. Those rights are extremely important but they are bounded.

Some consider it unjust for people to use their inside information and influence by cashing in at the expense of present and future neighbours having to pay in higher environmental risk and lower property values and quality of life. Some think only losers think of anyone but themselves.

  • Opportunism is defined as  self-interest with deceit. It’s using your position to capture an unjustified windfall by stealth.

Speed, misdirection, and the pretense of disclosure are sure signs of sharp dealings. Schemes always commit suicide in the end and this one is no exception.


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