St. Vincent Street +3 lanes from Pooles Road to the Barrie Golf & CC

Busy streets highways divide communities and hurt the most vulnerable.

A child’s first, and often deepest, out-of-family relationships are their school mates.

Excited children wanting to go to their friend’s house. A mess of school buses from Forest Hill, Sister Catherine Donnelly, Eastview and St. Joseph’s.

Sure they say they’ll install cross walks. Sure all the children will walk the additional 100 m and not cut over St. Vincent’s Highway. Absolutely: all motorists obey cross walks.

But children are children and they will cross that now +3 lane wide St. Vincent Street chasing a ball or going to see their mates.

I know a bit about this. I did exactly this stunt in the summer of 1967 on Bayfield Street/Snow Valley in front of our house wanting to go play with my best friend. Three months in RVH because of a brilliant surgeon called Robert Delaney.

  • Will the township councilor (circa 2008) be paying attention then?

Let’s hope at least Carson Road is punched through from Bayfield to St. Vincent first. That way the ambulances can cut across that way from their depot next to the new Ultramar gas bar.

— St Vincent de Paul Image Archive (John Rybolt CM), DePaul University, Chicago IL.


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