Two home-grown Canadian singer/songwriters

Farmer’s SongMurray McLaughlin, 1973

Terry Craig from Midhurst: Anyone know how I can contact Terry,  Walter and Frances Craig’s son? It was in 1975 when his My Birch Bark Tree album was released. I remember the concerts his mom and dad put on for the neighbours.

The Old Midhurst Road

If you’ve walked down the Old Midhurst road
Then you’ve learned enough to teach the young and old
That in the autumn of the year when the sun is so sincere
And the colour seems to hypnotize your soul.

Then you can let a little something with your time
Fall into the arms of the living.
Let a little sunshine fall again your way to show you’re proud.
Just to walk down the Old Midhurst road
You’ll realize you’re in an atmosphere alone.

But if you’ve got the time to spare to breathe the fresh clean country air,
Then a mile or two ahead won’t seem so far.

Words by Terry Craig. Registered with SOCAN.

Pioneer History of Midhurst, p. 120


2 Responses to Two home-grown Canadian singer/songwriters

  1. Terry Craig says:

    Hello -Everyone from Midhurst!Yes I`m still!.Never knew this was here until i thought i would look up Midhurst to see how things were now > (Aug.2013).Many years have gone by,but have such great memories, Not Forgotten.What a beautiful village Midhurst was to grow up in.My wife Shirl & I (retired now)are living in South River On.(pop. 1,100).Music career on road 1975 to 1996.Quit completely until last winter (2012).Member of SOCAN,writing & singing again at 63 but no more road work(RETIRED!!)LOL.> You people from Midhurst “Take Care & Keep Midhurst Beautiful” > Terry Craig.


  2. Terry C.. says:

    Hi Tami – Yes Vinyl > then 8 Track > then Cassettes & now CD`s. Man ,whats next ?? lol.. Anyway i dont think there`s so many trees now on the Findley Road (Old Midhurst Road) than when i wrote it. .. My voice was so high & young kid like then & the recording was in a small studio, but it got me started thanks to people like you, from Midhurst.After i recorded My Birch Bark Tree i made a bit better quality recording with a band backup on it with a few different styles of songs i wrote on it..Maybe (through this winter) i`ll try to make a CD of some new songs i`ve written.The main reason for getting back into my music tho is for the writing & sending songs out to publishers & recording companys for possibly being recorded by some of they`re recording artists.I`m just about 64 now & taking care of Shirley 24/7 “and yes” Myself to. lol..May possibly do one nighters down the road as long as (at my age) its not too long from now. lol. > Whats Happening in Midhurst ?? Does the old Village Hall still have the stage with the steps up to it ?? Used to love playing there when we had a band called The Invaders a teen or early 20`s. before i went on the road in 1975 doing a single act. I remember you guys at church but cant remember what years they were exactly.You lived down the 2nd then right ? Near where the Huchinsons lived ?.. I`ve been rambling on for to-oo long now so say hi to some people from Midhurst for me OK. > Nice to hear from you Tami > Terry..South River.

    Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 16:14:36 +0000 To:


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