The development game is an outsider-engineered choice prison

Individuals can have their heads turned more easily than we think.

Psychology teaches that we over-estimate our strength in resisting temptation and over value personality while discounting the power of the situation.

Bullies know how to exploit human weakness. They are exceptionally good at deception, intimidation and persuasion. They create “prisons of choice”  or social dilemmas.

Social Dilemmas

(1) …describe situations in which the rational behaviour of an individual — defined in pure and simple economic terms — leads to suboptimal outcomes from the collective standpoint... Wikipedia

( 2) The health and vitality of relationships, groups, and the society at large is strongly challenged by social dilemmas, or conflicts between short-term self-interest and long-term collective interest.  Pollution, depletion of natural resources, and intergroup conflict, can be characterized as examples of urgent social dilemmas.  Social dilemmas are challenging because acting in one’s immediate self-interest is tempting to everyone involved, even though everybody benefits from acting in the longer-term collective interest.

We are ALL in this trap because this is  a case when our happiness not only depends on our own choice, but on the choices of others. Click here for a 9:55 video that is a good introduction to Prisoners’ Dilemma, one of the classic social dilemmas.

Posted to on February 27, 2014.


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