Jane Jacobs Neighbourhoods video

Jane Jacobs (1916 – 2006) talks about each community needing a neighbourhood heart.

I think Midhurst’s heart is the Ye Olde General Store: the corner of Finlay Mill Road and Doran Road. A place where you walk to. Go to after a soccer game for some ice cream. Pick up your mail. Gossip. A place to “hang out” and where the action is. Right between the ball diamond at Doran Park, the community hall and the United Church. Finlay Mill Road is the pedestrian and biking conduit up to the library, past the Hunter Russell trail and Willow Creek.  These are anatomy that Jacobs talked about; the arteries. Better bike and walking connections to the “T” from the pond, Green Pine and Idlewood areas would make it better, granted.

Finlay Mill and Doran Roads are the natural heart of Midhurst.

Somewhere I think it’s mentioned that the “new heart” will be the corner of Bayfield Street and Snow Valley.  The Midhurst Coffee House works but the traffic volume into the strip mall is a hazard now. There are no sidewalks on 3 of the 4 intersecting streets and no bike lanes either. There is almost zero pedestrian traffic currently crossing any of the streets.


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