Mega Quarry: Forever is a very long time to make a commitment

Of the companies in the Dow Jones industrial index one hundred years ago, in 1911, one company still exists.

A good (and huge) Toronto Star article this morning by Jayme Poisson called Anatomy of a quarry fight.

Aside from the daily blasting, the dust, and heavy truck traffic (up to 300 trucks on the road at any time), nothing upsets the community more than the potential loss of land and water.

Melancthon, known as the “Roof of Ontario,” is perched at the highest elevation in the southern part of the province. The headwaters of four major rivers — the Grand, Saugeen, Beaver, and the Nottawasaga with its tributaries the Pine, Noisy, Boyne and Mad — are situated in and around the township.

The Midhurst Secondary Plan covers +500 ha or 56% (Mega Quarry 900 ha).

Even Gord Miller, Ontario’s environmental commissioner, wonders why just over 900 hectares of farmland in Melancthon has received such an outcry when vast swaths of prime agricultural land are lost all over the province every year.

“Where are all these people who protect agricultural land from the real threat, which is the sprawl and the (big) box stores?” he says. “I think you have to look at who the neighbours are in that one.”

The hubris of some technicians:

Farmers in Melancthon say you can’t rehabilitate something nature created 10,000 years ago, and they laugh at the notion of infinite pumping.

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. Woody Allen

Click here for a nice 2:39 minute video.


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