Simcoe County: The “Wild West” of Ontario development?

Sprawl happens because people allow it to happen.

An excellent article from Claire Malcolmson from the Environmental Defence group called Standing up for People and the Environment: Province Appeals Midhurst Development Plan:

Sigh of relief: the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has appealed the Midhurst Secondary Plan to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)…

The Province’s appeal demonstrates the government’s commitment to curbing sprawl, defending the Places to GrowGrowth Plan, and protecting prime agricultural land.

We were very concerned that the Province would miss the OMB appeal deadline and let this huge Simcoe County sprawl project slip though (government staffers haven’t even settled into their new offices after the recent election, after all). Simcoe County has long been known as the “Wild West” of Ontario development, and the last thing it needs is yet more ill-planned tract housing. 

Why not attend AWARE Simcoe‘s January 21st information meeting and listen to Claire speak?

Information meeting, January 21, 2012, Angus

Sprawl: the Monster that’s Consuming Simcoe County.

Download flyer here.


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