Anybody ask Danny Beaton’s nation about the Midhurst Sprawl Plan?

About the loss of +1,300 acres of farmland?

PROTECTING THE LAND: Mohawk environmental activist Danny Beaton took part in a five-day ‘walk to stop the mega quarry,’ which started at Ontario’s Legislature in Toronto on April 22 and ended in Melancthon Township on April 26. (Nick Kozak)

Or the 6 ,000,000 gallons of treated sewage being pumped into Willow Creek – each day?

Mother Earth is alive — everything that she gives us to survive should be honoured and respected and I know a lot of farmers who work with her understand her more than most of us!

Click for Mr. Beaton’s Proud to be part of the quarry fight letter to the editor:

Highland and Baupost have not consulted with or included provincial or national native governments or nations or the Iroquois Confederacy our chiefs, clan mothers or faith keepers here in Canada. No approval has been given by the Ojibway or Six Nations Reservations for a Mega Quarry Open Mine Pit which is to be second largest in North America.

This open mine pit would effect our reservations directly and indirectly, and our ability to protect farmland and fresh water supply for future generations to come.

The original contract is with the original peoples.

As a Mohawk environmentalist, I strongly urge Queen’s Park and the House of Commons to please address the issue of environmental protection now and the sacred treaties of native/aboriginal indigenous people of these territories, as they were made to protect our culture and children.

Our old elders are concerned with the protection of all people and the respect to Mother Earth and natural world.

Join by writing a few letters.


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