the City of Midhurst will meet their citizens’ interests first

The Midhurst Sprawl Plan means non-Midhurst township residents will lose political clout: from 79 to 29%.

Dr. Paul Fleming is a very well-respected, experienced former township councillor and tireless community builder.

He makes some excellent points in his article, Help Preserve Midhurst Word or pdf. Fleming sees everyone in Springwater being affected structurally.

Now that Springwater Council and Simcoe County Council have approved the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP) the door is open to transform Midhurst from a village of about 3,500 into a city the size of Orillia or Stratford within a twenty year span. That is, there could be as many as 28,000 new residents in Midhurst by 2031. Clearly this will have a major impact on the lives of the current residents of Midhurst; however, it will also impact everyone else in Springwater Township.  As Midhurst grows into a city, it will overshadow the other villages in the Township with its power and influence.

Midhurst is represented now with 1 of 5 councillors. Under the section c) Changes to other Springwater communities, Fleming speaks to concerns all other  Springwater citizens should have:

If Midhurst grows to 30,000+ people it will become the dominant force within Springwater. For example, Midhurst will probably have at least six or seven councillors, while the rest of the Township could be reduced to three or four (based on representation by population). Clearly the Midhurst councillors will be preoccupied with the problems of a growing city so that Midhurst policing, fire, roads  and recreation could be given a higher priority than the problems of the small villages that make up the rest of the municipality. That is, with the majority of councillors coming from Midhurst who are concerned about city affairs, the Midhurst councillors could easily out vote the remaining councillors whose problems are small-town, rural ones.

The Midhurst Secondary Plan will likely result in future councils looking like this:

  • 1 Mayor,
  • 1 Deputy Mayor and
  • 10 councillors (7 Midhurst and 3 from Elmvale, Minesing, Grenfel, Anten Mills, Minesing and ag combined, see above graph).

Message: Unfettered growth affects everyone in Springwater.

Fleming suggests participating in the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association Petition Blitz at the Midhurst Community Hall:

  • Jan 26th 4 to 8 pm,
  • Jan 27th 4 to 8 pm, or
  • Jan 28th 10 am to 2 pm

(see #6 in Opposing Recklessness area for details)

Responsible growth builds communities.


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