What happened to the promise of Transparency in the current Township council?

Old saying: Those that pay the piper, call the tune.

As a current business consultant and lapsed hospital financial analyst, I know who pays for the report is important.

Theory: See that logo in the top left?

That’s the Township of Springwater. That is intended to add credibility in the layman’s eyes. We’re asked to trust our public institutions.

The intention of branding is to persuade. To give an aura of impartiality, integrity, confidence, truth.

It appears the 53 reports that are listed on this sheet (an August 28, 2008 presentation to “inform” voters) were:

  1. not either paid for or are
  2. not owned by the Township.

And I’m still looking to see where the Township disclosed this, arguably, material fact in the 1,043 pages that underlay this page. [Anyone out there think that who pays a consultant is immaterial to the conclusion of the report?]

Test of Theory: In December, I asked to see the archeological reports. Initially, no problem: the Township staff was going to just email them over to me since they’re in pdf format.

However, two things happened.

  1. I was advised that I would have to formally request the records. I did so along with my $5.00 payment on Dec 21st and then:
  2. I got a mailed letter back saying the request is on hold as “the records may affect the interests of a third party.”

I’ll let you know when I see them.

— see top document: http://springwater.ca/ws_par/groups/public/@pub/@springwater/documents/web_content/wspar_033998.pdf, p. 26.


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