From the Examiner’s mouth to the Minister’s office ear

I always keep a sharp eye on the comments and letters to the editor sections of newspaper.

Comments often reveal potential dangers the journalist cannot directly write about.

A good example of this is the January 18th front page article: Growing Scared:  Midhurst ratepayers bracing for a battle if plan to build 10,000 homes goes ahead.

Mr. Earl Rumm of Geranium Homes is quoted directly as saying:

“When we’re planning a huge development, it happens over many, many years,” said Rumm, adding he believes Midhurst, as part of Barrie’s regional market, is in line for for large development and growth.

With the understanding that both council and the county have approved his plan, which is for 60% of the Midhurst development, he is optimistic the community will appreciate what he proposes as slow but sustained growth.

And he’s hopeful the OMB ruling will be in his favour.

“I’m confident — certainly not cocky, but confident — we should be able to reach a viable settlement with the province,” Rumm said.

Comments, although usually anonymous, provide important feedback. Three comments that respond to Mr. Rumm.

Post #3 By helpfulhippy
This is a cart before the horse issue. How many more homes do we need for retirees? There sure isn’t any other reason to build 10,000 homes in Midurst. Even if it’s to become a bedroom community for Toronto, there will be many millions of dollars in externalized costs for road improvements, services and so on. These costs will be slipped in through taxes providing Earl Rumm and his bunch with a substantial financial advantage. This is not for the public good, but rather, for Earl Rumm and friends personal good.

Post #4 By dunlopst
Earl Rumm is getting quite the reputation for raping small communities through out Simcoe County…. Big Bay Point . . . . Bond Head …. Hillsdale.
Does Rumm not understand what makes good planning policy??? Intensification should occur in urban areas and not pave over our rural pastures for the sake of profit. Watch out for Old Earl’s next trick… he will threaten to sue anyone who stands in his way should he be victorious at OMB thus watering down the opposition. Pack your bags Earl and head back to the big smoke.

Post #8 By helpfulhippy
Don’t get your girdle in a knot debryan. My point is that Midhurst would have to become a bedroom or retirement community to support this ridiculous proposal. Where are the young family people going to work while living in one of these 10,000 new homes? They certainly won’t be earning enough as a waitress or waiter at Subway to afford to live there. So why move these homes further away from the Toronto commute? Rumm will try to convince people that they actually need his development. I would like to see Rumm told to beat it, for once, community values trumping greed. Disclosure: I have three beautiful grandaughters living in Midhust, I’ve fished the Willow Creek for 40 years, and I’ll stand outside with a picket sign to protest Rumm’s folly any time. Just say the word.

This article has made a province-wide impact.

Here’s hoping Attorney General John Gerretsen moves ahead with Ontario’s 1st  anti- SLAPP law.

SLAPP: A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition


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