Midhurst’s sprawl decision still rests at perceived developer-friendly OMB

It seems the province is still going to appeal the Midhurst Secondary Plan at the OMB.

Cheryl Browne reports on population growth rules for Simcoe County in Province eyeing county:

It’s either much ado about nothing or the most important thing that’s happened to Simcoe County in decades.

However, until all levels of city and county staff, as well as all area municipal councils have a good hard look at what’s under the hood, its effects won’t likely be felt for some time.

Or tomorrow, we’re just not sure.

But what about the plan to add homes but subtract up to 1,300 acres of farmland?

More importantly, the assembled media throng was waiting on news about a current hot potato, whether the province had determined what to do about the Springwater Township’s council decision to build 10,000 homes in Midhurst, and the province taking them to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to dispute such growth.

1. Dr. Paul Fleming of the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association:

“I’m pretty encouraged by the whole deal,” said Dr. Paul Fleming…”We had trepidations about the province backing down from the OMB (hearing), but after today’s meeting, I feel the province will continue on with it as a positive way of resolving the issues.”

Fleming said he was heartened to hear concerns for watersheds had been considered during the newly amended Simcoe County plans, as he worries that Willow Creek — which leads into the Minesing Swamp — would be adversely affected by large development in the area.

2. The developer spokesperson:

Down in Markham, Cheryl Shindruk, who is the executive vice-president of land development for Geranium Homes, said she, too, left Thursday’s meeting hopeful.

“I was encouraged to see continued focus on growth for pre-existing settlements,” said Shindruk, adding existing plans that were established in 1994 when Springwater determined where its boundaries are still being recognized, and believes the current framework can be dealt with on a “go-forward” basis.

Question: “…existing plans that were established in 1994…“? There were finalized plans for 10,000 homes (+30,000 people) in 1994?

Full article: TheBarrieExaminer.com, Word, pdf


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