Reputation & Legal Liability as a board member of a not-for profit organization

In my experience corporate donations are a double-edged sword in terms of reputation and volunteer legal liability.

Transparency and conflict of interest policies are the responsibility of the board of directors and each board member in a not-for profit, NFP. In 2012, no one other than the terminally naive, believes that big donation cheques fail to influence what causes are championed.

It’s just so, so….small town creepy…to sit next to a shill at meetings, twice last week. It takes a special type of hubris to believe you can out-think a group of experienced, ethical community workers.

Sad for the individual but potentially lethal for the reputation of the NFP.

Living Green Barrie is an example that has chosen to involve themselves in this controversy. Their board members have written several letters in favour of the Midhurst Plan. I’ll deal with them in later posts.

Developer’s $ In: I didn’t see access to their last 5 year financials on their website although they might be available upon request. I don’t know since it’s not disclosed. I’d be happy to review them and report back. I was a financial analyst for 5 years so am very happy to work with their CFO or CA.

Again, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Board members:

  • Heidi Andres
  • Ruth Blaicher
  • Peter Bursztyn
  • Kyla Cotton
  • Karen Fox
  • Mike Fox
  • Erich Jacoby-Hawkins
  • Gwen Petreman
  • Barry Thompson

My Disclosure: I receive no consideration whatsoever for my or If that changes, I will disclose that. I am a consultant providing strategic services to franchisee associations and government agencies. Since 1994, I continue to serve my lawn sprinkler customers.

My opinions are mine and mine alone. My family has  lived in the non-executive section of Midhurst since 1961.


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