It’s a Shame about the Midhurst Sprawl Plan.

Public humiliation is the sentence in these harsh times for stealing a community’s future.

Every 5th Grader knows insurance covers a lawsuit for politicians. The real barrier is the “deal” that underlies this tier 2  planning dog-and-pony show.

The word used openly at the Midhurst Community Centre is betrayal.

Current residents may not know where to focus it but I do.

Social scorn and public humiliation are on display because two former high-profile Midhurst leaders are perceived to have sold-out their community for filthy lucre. Humiliation is written all over their faces. They will pay a very large price for their money because unresolved shame poisons the mind and body.

It’s called betraying generations of relatives, school mates, life-long friends and neighbours. The destruction of what nurtured all of their own children: a near- 200 year old community.

This is their legacy. This is how they will be portrayed in the next incarnation of the Midhurst Historical Society.

And for what?

Money often costs too much. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Shame Affect & Compass of Shame, Dr. Donald L. Nathanson


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