Why not “talk traffic” at the Midhurst Petition Blitz this morning?

There are some “fairy tale” traffic planning maps at the Community Hall to review before you sign up as a member of the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association.

Finlay Mill Road is expected to take 17,500 vehicles per day by 2031 (5,400 in 2011).

  • That’s a 224.1% increase.

To Compare:

  1. 20,500 — Bayfield Street (from Barrie outskirts to Simcoe Road 27),
  2. 72,700 — Highway 400 (Highway 26 1C to Bayfield Street to Duckworth Street)
  3. 103,000 — Highway 400 (Dunlop Street to Bayfield Street)

Source: Ministry of Transportation, 2008 volumes

So the Township planning boy wonders suggest that Finlay Mill Road can actually handle traffic volume that is +24% (almost 1 in every 4) of the vehicles that goes on Highway 400 between Bayfield and Duckwork Streets?

St. Vincent is even higher volume through an environmentally sensitive area.

The Township planner said that St. Vincent Street would not be a 4 lane highway but considering the staff turnover there, who are you to trust?

The Petition signup:  brought to you by your neighbours who have given credible municipal leadership that is consistent with past leaders…since 1819.


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