Well done, Midhurst Lions: 32 years of service and counting

The Midhurst and District Lions were chartered on January 29, 1980.

There was a name change and they continue to serve our community as the Springwater Vespra Lions Club. I particularly love their White Water Willy fundraising race: rubber duckies released into Willow Creek each fall.

These are the Lions’ charter members:

  • Jerry Barrowclough
  • Ted Bax
  • Al Brinklaw
  • Fred Brox
  • George Buie
  • Allan Bull
  • Cliff Carter
  • Walter Coutts
  • Norm Cunningham
  • Roland Dempster
  • Carl Doran
  • Eric Fowler
  • Ken Hollidge
  • George E. Holloway
  • Vern Howe
  • Mel Hutchinson
  • Harold Kemp
  • Peter Kennedy
  • Ron Mason
  • Bob Morrow
  • Vic Milligan
  • Raymond McFadden
  • Allan McNabb
  • Murray Robinson
  • Al Sant
  • Jim Scott
  • Bill Scriver
  • Wayne Sykes
  • Mario Taurasi
  • Barry Williams
  • Norm Wilson
  • Mike Wolfenden
  • Randy Wood

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