Could this Council stop the Midhurst Secondary Plan?

The majority of it? Yes.

What is preventing a Town Hall meeting at Council chamber about Springwater Township growth?

After having attended the Amended Growth Plan for Simcoe in Alliston this month, Grenfel resident and political commentator Bill French has this to say:

I commented previously that our local council has the full authority to approve the way it wants the township to grow. The Amendment confirms that. They must take control and not be overwhelmed by developers, planners, engineers and lawyers with ideas that may be counter to the health and welfare of Springwater.

Does a government planner want a reputation for stopping sprawl when he or she applies for a private sector job? How about a former politician who wants to be a growth consultant?

Springwater could amend their Official Plan and restrict development to the 6,400 people that the Province has proposed. Springwater is not a primary residential growth area or urban node. So if the council of Springwater does their job, they will follow the wishes of most the residents and control the growth in our communities. The large developments around Midhurst are not envisioned in the growth plan as most of the criteria are not met as outlined in the Growth Plan for the Golden Horseshoe.

Are residents being bamboozled: pay dearly NOW for public salaries to launch future private sector careers?

Socialized loss, privatized gain.


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