How’s the Township doing so far? (pass, needs improvement and fail)

Bill French’s report card on how he sees the Township of Springwater doing so far. The chart deserves a closer look (see original post).

Needs Improvement

  • Town Hall Meeting: No regular ward meetings with council to discuss local issues.
  • Economic Development Committee: Only internal committee, no new jobs, few times discussed at council.
  • Promotion of Elmvale main street: Some support but not much as Elmvale is still losing main street businesses.
  • Drinking Water: Still problems with some of the municipal Still problems with some of the municipal water in small developments.
  • Procurement Policy: Develop local business preferred list for products and Services.
  • Renewable energy: Need some say in local initiatives.
  • Environmental Impact: Fleet selection, car pooling.
  • Recycling and Waste: Become test area for some alternatives rather than just relegating to County.
  • Ratepayer response: Allow more interaction with councilors and constituents rather than controlled messaging

Take your own look at the Pass and Fail categories. Thanks to the Springwater News for publishing a chart.



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