Who’s cutting down the old maples on Doran Road in Midhurst? And why now?

Magnificent line of +100 year old maples on your left as you drive out of the village on Doran Road, before Russell Road. In front of Ken O’Brien’s old farm.

A minimum of 9 sugar maples cut down within a year. That’s almost 40% of the old hard maples felled. For what?

I’m not an arborist or  graduate forester but the remaining stumps seem to indicate these were healthy trees. No overhead utilities on that side of the road and no sign of re-placing/re-planting them, either.

Only 14 of these beautiful old ladies left but most of those are “marked”. Not a good sign.

What’s to become of the other trees on Old Second and Pooles Road under the Midhurst Secondary Plan?

UPDATE: The Township has provided some background. There were some downed limbs last June that resulted in a car accident. Upon review by Township staff and an arborist, certain trees were categorized as dead and removed in October and November 2011. Additional ones may need to go this year. Director Sokach said that there will be replacement trees planted once the stumps are removed as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Midhurst Secondary Plan’s road changes.


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