Trees breathe for us

Can $1 of tree planting really avoid $50 to $100 in health costs?


A good article by Mark Cullen in the Saturday Star called Breathing for us:

Trees are the lungs of the earth — inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.

The health of our own lungs may in fact be more interconnected with surrounding trees than we may think, according to Trees Ontario (, the largest tree planting partnership in North America.

While the production of oxygen, purification of air, protection against soil erosion, the sequestering of carbon, and the countless other benefits provided by trees is well known, health benefits of trees have largely been overlooked. Through the amalgamation of over 150 studies and reports, Tree Ontario’s 26-page paper tells us a fascinating story.

Southern Ontario needs 1 billion more trees.

In order to achieve a healthy ecosystem in Southern Ontario, we need to achieve a minimum 30 per cent forest cover. This will only occur with the planting of 1 billion trees more than are currently planted in urban and rural spaces.


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