Is another Springwater senior manager past their “best before” date?

Yes but you should check with the township’s head office: dial 905.

Most terminations (staged or not) are wrapped up with a confidentiality agreement  and a waiver of legal rights. These are usually created to protect the employer but, in this case, will be structured to benefit the exiting employee way more. For example the township will be stopped from suing this former employee in the future for any reason, whatsoever.

This  “negotiated” settlement is kept fully secret while there’s a very soft landing into a private sector  company which does planning work for a GTA developer.

And the current council gets to buy themselves a scapegoat while we pay for the land speculation that is disguised as the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

That’s not capitalism: That’s corporatism and cronyism.

  • We’re Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time), Trooper, 1977

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