There is method to the slaughtering of healthy, mature communities like Midhurst

Humans are social animals with a well-developed herd instinct. The science of animal handling pioneered by Dr. Temple Grandin can lead to some insights.

People value their communities because these relationships are central to their health: interpersonal, mental and physical.  One way to change these relationships is to administer a large shock. This disorients and makes the next stage much easier for the animal/electorate handlers.

Dr. Temple: Walks in, clamp head, boom. Over 100 cattle per hour. Block their vision. Calm or berserk animals. Vocalizing and stressed meat are related and to be avoided (except sheep). When quiet, easy to stun. Behavior to control, not force. Control the light, what they see.

These handling principles are in full display by the Linda Collins council.


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