What kind of jobs will be left once the Midhurst Secondary Plan is implemented?

At 30,000 population how many independent businesses will last?

Will these survive or stick around for higher taxes?

  • Midhurst Coffee House,
  • Linda’s Restaurant,
  • Life’s a Slice Pizza,
  • Elements Salon & Spa,
  • Ye Olde General Store,
  • Northland Tool Rental & Sales,
  • GP Masonry, or
  • Currie Truck Centre.

Or these?

  • McDonald’s,
  • Tim Hortons,
  • Pizza Pizza,
  • Mac’s Convenience Store, or
  • Stephenson’s Rental.

Some of the existing ones are moving out.   Some are staying as a real estate investment.

And others are hoping on hope that 10 times the population base with a healthy household income will go unnoticed by the franchise headquarters. The chains appreciate the existing independents’ efforts to establish local shopping habits within their (the chain’s) marketing area. Re-sale value of existing businesses?: not so much with the Midhurst Secondary Plan because of its use as a competitor magnet.

The consequences will be dealt with by another set of politicians on township council, which is a benefit to those now serving.

  1. Positive: Midhurst residents will have to drive less far for more McJobs.
  2. Not so Positive: spike of independent business failures.

Those in authority frequently say they love local businesses.


One Response to What kind of jobs will be left once the Midhurst Secondary Plan is implemented?

  1. Deb says:

    I have just heard that the Ye Olde General Store has closed along with the post office inside. Anyone know why this has happened?


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