Cundles ceased to exist on January 1, 1959. That was when Cundles was annexed by the city of Barrie.


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Days of Cedar Planking

Cundles ceased  to exist on January 1, 1959. That was when Cundles was annexed by the city of Barrie.

Contemplating what changes might occur, now that he lived in Barrie, was 80 year old Wallace Brown. He lived in a venerable red brick house in Cundles that had stood sentinel on this spot for 100 years.

Mr. Brown had come to this house, 70 years earlier,with his parents. Then, Cundles had about 12 houses; Barrie had boardwalks and nearly every store had a verandah.

From that time to 1959, Wallace Brown had seen many changes, The road used to teem with men and horses. What a thrill it had been to see the horses labouring up Paddy Dunn’s Hill! The hill had been cedar-planked, and he recalled that, so heavy was the horse-drawn traffic, in earlier days, the caulks in the horses’ shoes had, in time, torn the cedar planking, which had to be removed.

Cundles never did have a church; the people attended in Barrie. It didn’t have a post office, nor a hotel, for some time. Then Paddy Dunn built his hotel, near the long hill north of Cundles, a place that did a great business with the teamsters, who didn’t seem to mind a whit its mud floors. Finally, Cundles got its post office in 1904. D’Alton McCarthy, a Member of Parliament, was credited with having got the first post office of Cundles.

Barrie Examiner

In the days before changes at the Brown property, Lot 21, Conc. 5, Vespra. Robert is at the hand-plow, upper left, and son, Wallace, is the one nearest him. This large field of onions had been grown on contract. (Circa 1914).

A History of Vespra Township, The Vespra Township Council, Allan Anderson & Betty Tomlinson Anderson, Editors, 1987, p. 367.


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