All work has dignity if done with the right attitude

No one can demean what you do unless you give them permission to do so.

A hoeing gang in 1934, working at the Forest Station, (l. to r.), Adrian Wallwin, Les Willis, Cecil Frankcom, George Monteith (foreman), Mel Wattie, George Ayres.

Working At The Forestry

I drove Dad’s team from the top of Paddy Dunn’s hill to work at the Reforestry, and I’d be there at 7:00 am. It was 25 cents an hour for labour, and $3.00 per day for the team. Five dollars a day for man and team. This was about 1929.

Lorne Orser

Early 1930s

I worked at the Reforestry – planting trees, digging, seedling, pulling weeds, doing carpentry work, at 27 cents an hour – a ten hour day.

Morley Schandlen

 — A History of Vespra Township, The Vespra Township Council, Allan Anderson & Betty Tomlinson Anderson, Editors, 1987, p. 152.


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