Why are people nailing old shoes to a dead maple tree in Springwater township?

It means something, I think. This photograph was taken on March 20, 2012….

P1040539 End

…this one on May 13, 2017.


As you drive north on Anne Street out of Barrie, Ontario and past the airport, you’ll come to a “tee” in the road…j

There is a dead tree just to the left as you stop.

If you take the time to stop and read it, the anonymous poster says:

There once grew a tree
So stately and proud
You really could tell
It stood out in the crowd.

Shelter it gave to fur and to feather
Shade was it’s gift to all in hot weather
And the valley stayed green
‘Cos the air it did clean.

Then lightning hit
Now it’s as dead as a nit

Let’s show that we cared
And give shoes that were weared
To make it so pretty
That folks from the city
Will come for a smile…

But just for a while
‘Till the developers come
And then ’twill be done.

The Midhurst Secondary Plan says it will extend Anne Street north to join up to Snow Valley Road, just east of the 6 million gallons per day wastewater treatment plant.


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