Does dumping 6,000,000 gallons of wastewater a day into Willow Creek and paving 1,300 acres of farmland constitute a Crisis?

Never in over 150 years has any political administration been reckless enough to allow a plan to triple the Township population get this close to completion.

The Ontario Municipal Board is the “final court” for land use disputes in Ontario. An entirely private law regime without zero right of appeal.

The surprisingly simple way to avert catastrophe is for the current Springwater Township council to amend their Official Plan to preclude 10,000 new homes. Hint: This has always been the plan’s Achilles Heel and authors know it: hence the lies and threats of lawsuits.

If the seven Springwater politicians do nothing and allow it to pass to the OMB, this will be their administration’s defining moment. They may do 10,000 brilliant and courageous acts in their 4 year term but if they fail to act, the for sure financial instability and likely insolvency of the Township will be the Linda Collins administration’s legacy.

Reality Check: A local developer is putting up about 140 homes at Snow Valley Road and Wilson Drive. A fairly large development which is 1.4 % the size of the the Midhurst Secondary Plan.  Or the sprawl plan is 71.4 times the Snow Valley/Wilson Drive development.

They told you that the  SLAPP threats to citizens were only a temporary thing, right? Do they honestly believe they’ll decrease once the OMB rubber stamps the plan? They can’t be that naive, can they?

All the politicians will be sued anyways even if they do everything they’re told to do. (BTW: That’s how they persuade you to sign a confidentiality agreement and waiver of legal rights.) Remember: the lawyer for the Township gives advice to protect the Corporation of the Township of Springwater….not you.

A current council cannot decide to reverse a previous council’s decision without huge $ in litigation? What a whopper! Pure nonsense: happens every day in governments all around the world. Let them sue: at least it’ll get the facts into the light of day unless there are current or former politicians who don’t want opposing lawyers questioning them under oath and with a transcript.

Neville Chamberlain started to be an open public laughingstock +70 years ago with the Munich Agreement. Trying to appease tyrants has always been of limited use.

Questions Arising from Inaction: Perceived conflict of Interest? Breach of the Moral authority to Govern? Breach of Duty?

 Perry Ritchie, Dan Clement, Dan McLean, Linda Collins, Rick Webster, Sandy McConkey, Jack Hanna


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