Irreversible, unprecedented sprawl is not dictated by former Doran Road farmers or developers in Springwater township.

If you heat your home with wood and you’re cold, one strategy is to chop up your furniture.

Responsible for the future development in Midhurst, from left to right, Brent Spagnol, manager of planning, Springwater Township Mayor Linda Collins and CAO Robert Brindley pose in front of the new township offices in Springwater.

Today’s Barrie Examiner; Growing attraction: Springwater Township officials say plan for massive growth in Midhurst made in good faith by Cheryl Browne. Word pdf

Mayor Collins:

“We believe growth should be planned and developed by council and not dictated by the developers,” said Mayor Linda Collins.

“Development doesn’t just happen. Developers would just buy the best land with the best vistas and the best drainage and there’d be no input by the township.

“We made the Midhurst Secondary Plan in good faith, in that we’d mitigated the concerns the residents were raising, knowing we need to preserve the culture of Midhurst.”

Good faith is a legal term and irrelevant to the public policy discussion in April 2012. It has some use as a distraction and excuse. Why not just start up with parroting that it’s a “Done Deal” again?

With new information, Council is statutorily bound to do the peoples’ will and change their Official Plan to preclude the implementation of the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

The only question is: knowing what they know now,  what will they do (not talk) about it.


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