Could scoundrels exist in either real estate development or local government in the Midhurst area?

Other places, for sure. But not in my neighbourhood or people I trust. People I trust would never con me.

I would suggest watching this eight minute video from The School for Scoundrels. You decide for yourself who is playing the role of the Operator, Booster, Mark, Cheating Shill  and Smoother.

Predictable Flaws in Human Perception that can be Exploited: These roles change over time and notice how whether someone is a “good man” is irrelevant. It’s behavior in the situation, not the personality characteristics when they’re playing with their grandchildren that is important to watch. The road to hell is paved with best of intentions.  It is do or not do, there is no try. Fundamental attribution error.

Time :: Role Played

0 :: The Mob – a group of confederates who are in on the hustle (plus others)

0:54 :: The Operator – organizer, leader, sets the tone, charming, false fool, actor, scapegoat

1:09 :: Operator says:  “We got to get a sucker in here it’s going no where. We got to get a sucker in, okay?”

1:18 :: “Here’s one coming down now in a Hawaiian shirt. I think he’s a Yank. Let’s get this, this bugger. Bring him in, boys. Bring him in.”

1:11 :: The Capper – boost stakes to make short con game worthwhile

1:30 :: Opening the Gate

1:34 :: Mark – the outsider, the hick, rube, patsy citizen

1:50 :: The Cheating Shill

2:01 :: Booster – draws in, encourages involvement, charming, smiling, trusting, “your ally” against hostile others

2:12 :: Closing the Gate

4:33 :: Peeking the Poke

5:09 :: Busting the Capper

5:57 :: Old Switcheroo: The Operator Cheats

6:49 :: Operator says, “CUT”; The Mob walks away. (Mark realizes, only partially, the game)

7:23 :: The Smoother – steer mark away from the authorities (police); cooling the mark out; adjustment to a reduced status (see Goffman)

8:16 :: The Pick – the real value is the con on the end, three card monte is only part of a larger game

I learned this identical process by watching business format franchising for 15 years. I no longer ask the three Springwater Township officials that I have a legal relationship with (Linda Collins, Dan McLean and Jack Hanna) any questions. I met privately with Mr. Hanna twice and we agree to disagree.

The game was to distract, delay, obstruct during this time period:

  • from the time the Midhurst community “wised up” to the Midhurst Secondary Plan (the mark clued in) and
  • to getting this scoundrel play in front of the Ontario Municipal Board for them to rubber stamp.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
As You Like It, William S.


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