Realistically, which should your trust more: verbal statments or written and published articles from municipal civil servants?

Corruption and conflict of interest laws are grounded on a simple legal principle: an individual cannot serve more than one master.

Excerpt from their website:

Municipal World is the oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world. Founded in 1891, the magazine is devoted to promoting effective municipal government.

This site features important information about local government, details about Municipal World’s products and services, and links to other local government resources.

A municipal employee owes a a duty of care legally to his or her employer: The Corporation of the Township of Springwater, for example.

They owe no direct or effective legal duty to any citizen.

While many professions have Codes of Ethics and complaint processes, these are often ineffectual. An untruth told by a senior staff person to a taxpayer is much more well insulated than if an elected official misrepresented the same fact.

  • Municipal World: Canada’s Municipal Magazine

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