Linda Collins’ council acts to protect some and deny other interests in the Midhurst sprawl stall

In any court trial, one side always wants to speed things up AND the other side always wants to slow things down.

It’s been 21 days since the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association (and +200 supporters) presented Springwater Council with a +1,400 signature petition (Midhurst population: 3,000) and a few questions.

Most of all, they were hoping to start a dialogue.

The Linda Collins administration responded by talking past the group via the Barrie Examiner and try to blame the citizens for their inattentiveness. And to remind us that former Doran Road farmers and developers do NOT dictate growth in the township.

Then a press release by a part-time township media employee asking for patience.

Two Additional Questions:

1. Council must have known about the questions since late November 30, 2011 when the former +200 taxpayers’ assembly at the Midhurst Community Hall and was written up in the Examiner: Midhurst residents voice opposition to growth plan. I also recall seeing former Springwater Mayor and County Warden Mr. Tony Guergis being in attendance that night and saying that it was “a done deal” and that he was “on our side”.

So is that 5 months of ragging the puck (stonewalling) or 21 days?

2. How many days until the Ontario Municipal Board calls their pre-hearing and therefore lets the Township “off the hook” for their reckless planning?


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