Is Springwater Township cheating by starving citizens of information?

Why so long to respond to a simple request?

A great letter to the editor in the Springwater News that raises, again, the issue of unreasonable secrecy.

Midhurst Development – Scrap It!
H. Hutton

It was with great interest that I read Ms. Kim Hand’s letter in the Springwater News of May 24, 2012

I am in total agreement with every point she has made. My family are relatively new to the village and we are appalled at the way this “development” plan has been executed.

To address the point made by Ms. Hand regarding the Township maintaining the residents were “adequately engaged and informed”. She is correct in that this certainly does not seem to be the case. We purchased just over 2 years ago and, while we were told of a certain amount of development in the village, neither our Agent or our lawyers apparently had any idea that the expansion plan had grown to such an overwhelming size! It seems that the authorities involved have played their cards very close to their chest.

On May 9, I wrote to the township asking when, where, and in what form, notifications of the meetings to discuss this plan were made public. As of this writing, no reply has been forthcoming. When asked for details of the last meeting, which was NOT open to the public, I was told that the Township could not divulge that information, but they did inform ahead of time that there was a meeting (?).

I urge all residents of Springwater to take a close look at the proposed plan; look at the new road designations, and the actual proposed size of thee roads. The By Laws may (laughingly) give them seemingly unthreatening names like “collectors road” but consider the proposed width of those collector roads. Some folks are going to end up with a very small front garden or no garden at all!

Ms. Hand is correct, this is OUR village. This “Plan” needs to be scrapped or greatly amended.

H. Hutton Midhurst Resident


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