If you don’t have enemies, you don’t have character.

London, Ontario’s first branch library was the W.O. Carson branch in the east end, 1915.

Anyone that knows London, knows the east end community needs the services that a library brings. My wife and I bought our first house right across from the library on Quebec Street.

Megan Walker, myself and others fought successfully when the London Library wanted to close the Carson branch in 1990.

In the process of opposing the idea with a deputation in City Council chambers, Megan and I suggested that the Library executives needed only to reduce their salaries by 5% to allow the branch to stay open serving one of the most economically-depressed areas of London. Megan spoke and I ran the numbers.

The mayor and councilors found our suggestion quite humorous, although, the Library Service board chairman: not so much. It displeased him so much that he actually called my boss at Victoria Hospital and demanded that I be fired. Mercifully, Ron found my budget balancing proposal of some merit and wasn’t inclined to take orders from even a senior London mandarin. (At the time, I was a budget analyst MBA at Victoria Hospital in London reporting to 3 former-Clarkson Gordon CAs. I felt very comfortable with numbers.)

My public activism started in keeping a library open and I have had a soft spot for libraries ever since.

Take care, my friend.

Power always plays dirty when the game comes unfixed.


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