Incredibly, no net benefit analysis has ever been done for the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

At least for Springwater Township taxpayers who will pay the bill for 30 years.

Faith, confidence, and trust are based on credibility built up over time by a team of professional, competent, and rational managers.

Last Monday night, (see The Examiner coverageDeputy Mayor Dan McLean told the nearly 100 assembled Springwater voters to “trust their council”: they can’t tell them what they’re doing (threat of lawsuit); should trust them because “they’re working very hard on our behalf.”

Permitted to make two deputations and 4 questions (total 30 minutes). Two of seven members of council said anything about the plans to nearly triple the township size, +$250-million in capital expenditures, multi-billion $ housing, a drinking well proposal that is downhill of 900 acres of active farmland (Russell and Story Roads), etc.

Under careful questioning by Dr. Paul Fleming of the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association, Mayor Linda Collins reluctantly admitted that the township had done no economic, cultural or social benefit reports or analyses.

If there is no defined, quantifiable benefit (and very clearly massive financial risks), Who exactly is this council  serving by not changing their Official Plan to exclude +28,000 more people in the Township?


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