So Midhurst is to become “the new Barrie”?

Earl Rumm and Barry Feiner on a Geranium Homes jobsite in 1991. As that decade progressed the young home builders realized they had to expand into land development. That vision has culminated in the Friday Harbour project on the shores of Lake Simcoe. PAT BRENNAN/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO

In the article, Builders went back to the land, Earl Rumm says:

… And in concert with another builder, it is currently “going through the process” to develop 10,000 building lots on land it owns in Midhurst, just north of Barrie, which Rumm predicts will be “the new Barrie.”

The article  appears in today’s Homes & Condos section of the Toronto Star. There is also a profile of  Earl Rumm, Barry Feiner and Mario Giampietri, partners in Geranium Corporation.

  • Note: I use and reference the title of the article as it appears in print. The Toronto Star changed it’s online copy title to: Geranium Corp. — from small-scale builder to ‘urban resort’ visionary.

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