On Cooling the Mark Out in Midhurst

Erving Goffman 1922-1982

Boot tree with sign


…victims find they must suddenly adapt themselves to the loss of sources of security and status which they had taken for granted. A consideration of this adaptation to loss can lead us to an understanding of some relations in our society between involvements and the selves that are involved. In the argot of the criminal world, the term “mark” refers to any individual who is a victim or prospective victim of certain forms of planned illegal exploitation.

The mark is the sucker‑the person who is taken in.

An instance of the operation of any particular racket, taken through the full cycle of its steps or phases, is sometimes called a play. The persons who operate the racket and “take” the mark are occasionally called operators. Free Download

— see Midhurst Secondary Plan receives approval for first phase; other provincial concerns remain before OMB, Barrie Examiner, November 30, 2012.

Pro >=10,000 new homes:

1. “We agree that the remainder of the secondary plan should remain at the Ontario Municipal Board,” Springwater Mayor Linda Collins said in a news release. “Springwater fully supports the approach taken by the ministry.

2. Cheryl Shindruk, a member of the Midhurst Landowner’s Group which is in favour of planned development in Springwater, said the group is pleased with the process and the time frames the ministry has laid out.

“They’ve done a good job to see that it will be done in a managed way,” she said.

Pro <10,000 new homes:

But Kate Harries, of the Aware Simcoe environmental protection group, said they’re frustrated that important provincial decisions concerning the Places to Grow amendment are being made without a sitting parliament.

“We’re very disappointed in the Liberal government,” Harries said. “We’re very disappointed this is happening when there’s no opposition, like the NDP, who would have had many questions for (Minister Bob) Chiarelli.

“But yes, we do have hope,” she added. “We hope this is reversible because there’s very strong grassroots opposition to this. And we’re not giving up.”

The con is said to be a good racket in the United States only because most Americans are willing, nay eager, to make easy money, and will engage in action that is less than legal in order to do so The typical play has typical phases.


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