The Mega Quarry is only 2/3 of the size of the farmland and health devastation envisioned by the Springwater Township land use plans

The Midhurst Secondary Plan added to the Springwater Park and provincial forest sales will be +50% bigger than the Mega Quarry.

Springwater Park and provincial forest lands

This consolidated plan will help to destroy the ability of Ontarians to eat and breathe.

A very good opinion article by Bill Nieuwland in the Barrie Examiner called, Valuable farmland disappearingWordpdf

The problem:

Unsustainable farming practices in Australia, the United States, western Canada, Latin America, Asia and Africa are causing widespread salinization, decertification, toxification and erosion.

The  solution:

However, in Ontario we have just witnessed a wonderful success in preserving 900 hectares of precious food land. Through a broadly based grassroots movement that raised the alarm far and wide, the Megaquarry was stopped in its tracks. It was the life- sustaining food and water source that would have been destroyed forever that prompted people to wake up and ask probing questions that the proponents of the quarry could not answer.

The Midhurst Secondary Plan, MSP:

 But what about our own equivalent of the Megaquarry? At 756 hectares, the loss of prime farmland to the Midhurst Secondary Plan approaches that of the Megaquarry.

True as far as the it goes but I would go farther than that: I think the MSP just the opening act for a much bigger, if possible, more grotesque mega-, mega-plan.

One Plan: (at least) Two Phases

Numbers of Hectares of food and forestry (oxygen producing) Taken out of Use

  • The Math: 756 (Midhurst Secondary Plan) PLUS +600 (Springwater Park and provincial forests) EQUALS +1,356 Hectares (that we know of so far)

Puts the  900 hectares for Mega Quarry into perspective, doesn’t it? (+50% more land)

Posted also on on December 29, 2012.


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