County of Simcoe moves their lips to muzzle the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association at the OMB.

The big money Toronto developer ventriloquist calls the tune: Elected county councillors :: county staff :: elected township councillors :: township staff move their lips. Or not…

3 dummies

Excerpt from AWARE Simcoe’s important article, ‘Staff crossing line’: Marshall questions OMB motion to turf Midhurst ratepayers:

Penetanguishene Mayor Gerry Marshall expressed anger and frustration at Wednesday’s corporate services committee meeting that Simcoe County has put forward a motion to dismiss the Midhurst Ratepayers Association from the Ontario Municipal Board hearing on the amended Official Plan. He was supported by Tiny Mayor George Lawrence. Springwater Mayor Linda Collins made no comment.

The payoff is when 100% of the township taxpayers’ taxes skyrocket to pay for all the future consulting contracts to an instantly-forgettable, insipid cast of retired local politicians and their shill bureaucrats.

Left to right:  Mortimer SnerdCharlie McCarthy, and Effie Klinker.

Edgar Bergen 1903 – 1978


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