Ratepayer says Springwater Township council “not representative of people”

Fully, “democracy is under contempt with this council” and deserves police investigation.

Springwater Township

(l to r) Perry Ritchie, Dan Clement, Dan McLean, Linda Collins, Rick Webster, Sandy McConkey, Jack Hanna

The full letter to AWARE Simcoe by Joe Shocrylas :

I am following the continual disregard that Mayor Collins and her Council displays to her electorate with regard to the unbridled expansionary plans they have for us in Midhurst and Centre Vespra.

Democracy in the distant past was described by leaders that were elected to essentially implement the wishes of the people. This Council appears to have no regard for that. They are heavily pro-development and seem to have no regard for those of us that care for quality of living and the environment.

It really occurs to many of us that the entire process has been corrupt, and not properly held up for public scrutiny, or debate. Why hasn’t a referendum been called?

I feel Council is definitely not representative of the people and deserves a full investigation by a higher power such as the RCMP. Why is there such a hurry to rush through with process?

Democracy is under contempt with this Council.


Joe Shocrylas


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