Does basic responsible government exist in Springwater Township nowadays?

I and others have warned that the suspension of basic democratic rights seems to be escalating.

Springwater MayorAndCouncil

(l to r) Perry Ritchie, Dan Clement, Dan McLean, Linda Collins, Rick Webster, Sandy McConkey, Jack Hanna

In the Editor’s Musings in the August 1, 2013 edition of the Springwater News:

There have been some unexpected fumbling at the Springwater Council meetings. Dan McLean asked for an apology and when he did not get it, the mayor asked one of the councillors to leave.

When one reads the Municipal Act, it would appear that if one member of councillor is upset at another, you go to the Ombudsman for a ruling. Nowhere could I find does it say that the Mayor can eject one councillor at the willingness of another.

The Mayor of Midland suggest that Linda Collins can not demand a councillor leave the chamber. he said that a councillor is elected to duly represent the people so by ejecting a councillor, democracy was not being served.

Another former councillor said he once called the Mayor a piece of –(manure)– knowing full well there is no power with the Mayor to be able to eject him.

If that power did exist within council, think of the scenario. A few members of council want to pass a motion but they know they do not have the support. All one has to do is to complain about 2 or 3 of the council members who possibly opposed the motion. When they would not apologize, the Mayor could boot them from the chambers. The opposition is gone,. The motion is passed.

One wonders why anyone on Council would create such a problem.

One wonders why there has been a breach of quorum that the Township’s hired Ombudsman had to report on.

One wonders if there is a member or two of council who has negated their chances of being re-elected.

One wonders why some members of council do not want other members to communicate (in the paper) with their constituents. Councillors in Barrie do it, members of parliament do it. it is called transparency.

Rick Webster, Perry Richie, Sandy McConkey and Jack Hanna have written articles for the Springwater News.

Assuming the editor knows who writes in his own very important, local news outlet, the following other members of Springwater Township council have not chosen to communicate with their voters via the paper: Mayor Linda Collins, Deputy Mayor Dan McLean and Councillor Ward 1 (Elmvale) Dan Clement.

There seems no end to the school yard drama.

Two questions about this distraction from the catastrophe that the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP) represents:

  1. Who are the few that benefit (now and future: $ and non-$ value) and
  2. The many that it costs (same)?

I seem to recall that Mayor Collins’ Council decided that a MSP cost/benefit analysis was not needed to protect the current and future taxpayers.


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