Thanks from Grenfel & Centre Vespra for the Springwater Park $10,000 reopening budget.

Sandy McConkey and Jack Hanna deserve kudos.

Springwater News masthead finished

Community writer Kathy Stunden-Hall expresses the community’s  appreciation in her February 27th Springwater News column.


Last weekend Mark and I decided to take our dog Max for a walk in Springwater Park. We hadn’t been there since last winter and we didn’t know whether or not there would still be any of the trails there because of the park closure. Then I remembered reading something in the Barrie paper about a bunch of people celebrating Family Day there.

We were a bit apprehensive about their being even a place to park because we didn’t want to leave the truck on Highway 26. Anyway, we got there and discovered that you could park in the old park entranceway. We were also pleasantly surprised to see the snowshoe and cross country ski trails still in use. Someone had even blown out a walking trail. I believe it was the work of one of the Save-the-Park groups.

Another bonus was the old outhouse hadn’t been hammered shut like the rest of the buildings. It was sad to see the park buildings boarded up but it was uplifting to see this jewel of our county still being well used.

That’s why I was glad to see a story in The Examiner [click for pdf here] last week about an initiative put forward by our councillor Sandy McConkey, and fellow councillor Jack Hanna. I meant to save the article but I think it went up the chimney with the rest of the paper. If memory serves me correctly, and I hope it does, the two councillors set aside $10,000 to help keep Springwater Park going. Good work, Sandy and Jack. I know you have a lot of support on this endeavour.

Springwater News excerpt pdf.

Not many people know Springwater Park is busier in the winter than in the summer. MNR staff say that a walk around the cleared road is 3 kilometres.

Please use your leash in consideration of the park rules and your neighbours’ and indigenous animals’ rights.


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