Mr. Rick Webster, current Councillor Springwater Township, goes on the record about the Midhurst Secondary Plan.

Mr. Barnet Kussner of Bay Street firm WeirFouls LLP provided advice to Springwater Council last fall.

Rick Webster

In a Letter to the Editor in April 10th edition of the Springwater News, entitled My Position on the Midhurst Secondary Plan (link, page 17 or pdf) Mr. Webster suggests that it would cost +$100-million to stop the MSP:

To summarize my understanding of the final opinion of our legal counsel, should the results of rescinding the MSP turn out as above, the costs of such a lawsuit would be in the neighbourhood of $100,000,000 plus substantial legal fees, all of which would have to be paid by the taxpayers of Springwater Township. Based on this, in my view, and the view of other 5 out of 7 of the Councillors, a vote to stop the MSP would be too risky and irresponsible on my part, and definitely not in the best interest of all of the residents of Springwater. My feelings on spending this money have not changed since our recorded vote on this matter in September, when I voted to NOT stop the MSP for the reasons noted above.

Further, he believes it is impossible to influence the provincial government in reversing their exemption to their own planning laws.

Moreover, I see no possibility that any new Provincial Government will listen to any amount of public outcry and thus it will, and should be, Council’s objective to focus on the possibilities and not the problem. This will be the key to supporting new growth all over Springwater which is inevitable due to Provincial Policies.


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