Twenty-eight months for an explanation of how 300 hectares of sprawl was approved via a “Special Rule”.

By our good friends, one of the developer’s Toronto lawyer.

Debt Atwood

An alert from AWARE Simcoe, Midhurst: ‘Special Rule’ makes the sprawl okay pdf:

The importance of the “Special Rule” that then Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli brought in to make the Midhurst Secondary Plan legal was spelled out by a lawyer at an Ontario Municipal Board pre-hearing.

Ira Kagan, representing the Midhurst Rose Alliance, told board panellist Marc Denhez that among the special regulations introduced by Chiarelli on January 19, 2012 as part of a Simcoe County addition to the Places to Grow Act, was the “300-hectare rule,” as he called it.

“It said that within the Midhurst settlement area, 300 hectares could proceed to development without worrying about any population forecasts within the growth plan,” Kagan explained.

The special rule allowed the province to withdraw a portion of its appeal of the 756-acre project, Kagan said.

Special thanks to Mr. Ira Kagan, Kagan Shastri LLP from 188 Avenue Road for explaining this to our community.

Ira Kagan

Ira Kagan

I am told this Special Rule is informally called the “Geranium Rule”.

More News: It appears the City of Barrie is unwilling to subsidize the sprawl’s infrastructure costs to the citizens of their municipality.

So…Springwater Township taxpayers will be picking up that tab for Barrie’s expanded roads, intersection, services, etc. to serve the new “Town of Midhurst”.

Less skeptical, better-case scenario: the township gets to go deeper into debt with this development.


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