Dale Goldhawk to moderate all-candidates’ meeting in Midhurst

Dale Goldhawk – consumer advocate, award-winning journalist, and the host of Goldhawk Fights Back on 740 AM Zoomer Radio – will moderate the Springwater all-candidates’ meeting to be held in Midhurst this week.

Dale Goldhawk Toronto

Dale Goldhawk moderating the Toronto mayoral debate, October 10, 2014

This was Goldhawk’s reply after being approached by AWARE Simcoe to be the moderator:

“Just two days ago, I moderated a debate with Olivia Chow, Doug Ford and John Tory. I thought that was tough until I got your request to moderate the Ward 5 all-candidates meeting in Springwater, to be held in Midhurst on Wednesday, October 15.

“As most people know, I have had some involvement with issues in Simcoe County but I have never played any public role, never spoken out in a partisan manner, during an election campaign — not in Simcoe, not in Toronto, not anywhere in Canada. That’s where I draw the line as an advocacy journalist. Election campaigns are reserved for the people and the candidates. They do the talking and deciding.

“With some reluctance, I will agree to host the all-candidates meeting and to do what I can to make sure everybody gets a fair hearing.”

The all-candidates meeting will be held at Midhurst United Church, 91 Doran Road, from 7-9:30 pm.


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