Will the Bill French administration be appointing a Springwater Township lobbyist registrar and integrity commissioner?

Township, county & provincial back room shenanigans were a hot topic during the last township municipal election.

George Rust-D'Eye

Toronto lawyer George Rust-D’Eye, a specialist in municipal law and former chief solicitor for Metro Toronto, is Hamilton’s new integrity commissioner and lobbyist registrar. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)

CBC reports that the city of Hamilton has appointed Rob Ford’s former lawyer in an article called: George Rust-D’Eye named city’s new lobbyist registrar and integrity commissioner::

Rust-D’Eye has previously served as integrity commissioner for Kingston and Niagara, among other Ontario municipalities. He has also served as a solicitor for Metropolitan Toronto and counsel to numerous other Toronto boards.

He drafts codes of conduct and advises on bylaws and other aspects of municipal government, his website says.

Mr. Rust-D’Eye is mentioned in today’s Toronto Star involving the city of Brampton.

The costs for a full-time township position may not be justified. No question.

Or was the pretense of transparency the real goal?


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