A 600 acre Waverley Mega Quarry in the making?

There appears to be some significant forest removal happening near Waverley, Ontario Tiny Township.

Danny trunk vertical

We are told the trees were cut down in the middle of the night in January & February of this winter (April 2015, Photos by Les Stewart).

Waverley Clearcut 1

We went around to take a look.

Waverley Clearcut 4

Facing east up French’s Hill, the Waverley Uplands.

IMG_7206- a bleeding tree ...

A maple running?

Danny and Les war zone

Seems almost like a “war zone” to Danny Beaton and me.

Waverley Google Map

My photographs are facing north east from the “forest” accessed from Marshall Road & Carpenter Sideroad, south of Stamp Sideroad.

Waverley Earth map1

See the existing gravel pit entrance on 40 Darby Road? (white arrow).


Could it be:

  • 1.6 million litres of water taken from the aquifer at French’s Hill/Waverley Uplands,
  • 2.6 million tonnnes of gravel taken annually,
  • 190 acres of forest gone (of potentially 600 acres)?

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