Les Stewart and his family have lived and worked in Midhurst for the last 50 years. He purchased the house he was raised in 2001 (1201 Bayfield Street North, Google street view).

My mom and dad never held any leadership roles in the community. A military career with frequent moves across Canada made them appreciate the stability, compassion and dignity of this community.

Stewart graduated from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada with a BA and MBA. He lived in London for 15 years and in 1992 before coming back to Bayfield Street to start a landscaping business. Stewart was: a co-founder of the local Georgian-Lakelands Chapter of Landscape Ontario, a member of the environment committee of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, a director of the Professional Lawn Care Operators of Ontario, and on the board of Be Green Barrie.

Les has owned and operated four Midhurst-based small businesses that have employed several full and part-time residents. He currently operates Les Stewart Consulting (franchise industry) while continuing to serve his long-term lawn sprinkler and low-voltage lighting customers.

The opinions expressed here are his alone.

Les Stewart:  les.j.stewart – at – gmail.com

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