Why are the Midhurst sprawl-miesters running scared by doing an “end run” to get their re-zoning orders?

March 24, 2014

The poor boys thought scoring was a “Done Deal” but others and the law appear to disagree.

Demanding the Ontario Municipal Board, OMB give them their precious re-zoning orders “RFN (full 10,000 houses):
  • before the environmental assessments are done (a no-n0, especially see RAMSAR certified Minesing Wetlands),
  • before the  current house negro township Council majority gets their increasingly-apparent doofus rubber-stamp on the crucial re-zoning orders, 
  • before Margaret Atwood and Friends (Michael  Ondaatje, Joseph Boyden, Maude Barlow, Neil & Pegi Young, and John Ralston Saul) show up at Nursery Road and Springwater Park-Camp Nibi,
  • before  the township’s Oct 27th township election allows democracy to do its purging work again,
  • before a new Minister (Linda Jeffrey quits Ontario cabinet to run for Brampton mayor) is appointed,
  • before a former Kingston municipal politician retires and passes Ontario’s 1st anti-SLAPP law, and
  • before Premier Wynne calls a spring provincial election, which would give her ….

….the pretense for a ministerial order overthrowing 100% of the financially reckless, environmentally-catastrophic Midhurst Secondary Plan.

With the stroke of a pen.

End Run Analogy: Colloquially, it has come to mean an attempt to avoid a difficult situation by dodging it without confronting it directly, or to attempt to circumvent someone’s authority by appealing to a different authority. Wikipedia

Come out to Council meeting tonight at 5:30 pm or the county museum tomorrow night to smell the fear and loathing.

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Who is Grand Chief Derek Nepinak?

October 21, 2013

And why does SunMedia say not to brush him off?

Derek NepinakAssembly of Manitoba Chiefs: Wikipedia, Home site, YouTube RE: Royal Proclamation of 1763.

Why are Ontario and Canadian aboriginal communities poor?

August 8, 2013

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings. Nelson Mandella


Poverty, powerlessness and despair favours  the political commercial elite that profit from its creation and maintenance.

But what about the First Nations’ elected bands? Why don’t they help those actively struggling to assert their people’s right with a few $?

All Chiefs and Councils in Canada have been told: “Support any Idle No More initiatives and we will cut off your funds.”

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Idle No More – Flash Round Dance at Georgian Mall, Barrie, Ontario December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012

First song, 0:51

Second 14:05

Thanks to orithwase.

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the Idle No More movement introduces themselves to backwater ON municipalities which have internet connection

December 20, 2012

What do you call closing down the 401 eastbound at London, Ontario and then up Wellington Street?

Idle no More1

A start.

A bell-weather article from the London Free Press Idle No More protest brings more than 1,000 to the street in London. Click here for an outstanding video of this action (then click through embedded video).

Significant Excerpt:

They halted traffic for 90 minutes on Canada’s busiest highway Wednesday, more than 1,000 protesters from area First Nations. They’re part of a grassroots movement — Idle No More — gaining momentum across Canada. Jennifer O’Brien explores the story behind the protest.

Q: What is Idle No More?

A: It’s a grassroots movement — fuelled by social media — to protest the lack of First Nations’ involvement in decisions made in Ottawa. Supporters say according to treaty rights enshrined in the constitution, aboriginal leaders must be consulted on decisions affecting Canada’s resources. Instead, Ottawa signs deals with foreign investors, including China this year, that directly impact the resources that should be shared by all who live on this land, natives say. The issue has been simmering for years, but the tipping point was this month’s quick passing of omnibus budget bill C-45 that contains many changes that directly affect First Nations communities, Idle No More organizers say.

Q: Some of the issues are decades old. Why is everybody so fired up now?

A: First Nations have a young population where the majority of the people are under 35, and those young people are more educated than the same demographic was a generation ago. Deep indigenous roots coupled with higher education has given the movement strength. Social media has helped exponentially.

Q: Who was behind London’s Idle No More rally.

A: Members of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation organized and planned the protest that included hundreds of school children, teens, families and elders from that community. Hundreds more turned out from other area First Nations. Most protesters were aboriginal, but there were also many non-aboriginals on the walk and at the rally.

Q: What is specifically threatening to First Nations communities?

A: Idle No More organizers say Bill C 45 contains changes to the Indian Act — which they say is already discriminatory and racist. “The native people in this country are the only race of people in the world that have a specific piece of legislation that governs their lives,” said Ray Deleary, a senior policy analyst at Chippewas of the Thames. Bill C45 changes the way land is managed on reservations and takes thousands of rivers and lakes off a protected list.

Q: What do organizers hope to achieve?

A: First Nations leadership represented equally in government and lawmaking.


A different national sovereignty.

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