The Margaret Atwood anti-sprawl Midhurst petition challenge is shattered!!

March 30, 2014

It will be a pleasure to welcome Ms. Atwood and perhaps some of her friends to our just-right sized, 3,500 population, nearly 200 year old community.

MCC SPCC sign 1

Midhurst Community Centre, Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association, Annual Meeting, January 26, 2014.

The cancer-like urban sprawl plan threatens farmland, the Minesing Wetlands,  Springwater Park, forced hook-ups for sewer and water for all Midhurst and out-of-sight tax bills for all Springwater Township residents for decades into the future.

As reported by AWARE Simcoe on March 26th, Yes! Midhurst petiton tops 5.000:

Final push joined by Atwood in Twitter feed
Today, the 5,000th person signed the petition to save the village of Midhurst (population 3,500), preserve the 756 hectares of surrounding farmland and stop the proposed effluent discharge into the Willow Creek and the internationally treasured Minesing Wetlands.

And the count of those opposed to the Midhurst Secondary Plan, which would expand the Midhurst population to 28,000, continues to rise.

The final Twitter push from Save Midhurst Now proclaiming that only 13 signatures were needed was re-tweeted in the early hours today by author Margaret Atwood, who has pledged to visit Midhurst and do a workshop at a nearby high school if 5,000 people sign the petition.

The Midhurst residents’ group has unveiled a new video and song in support of the cause. Click here to view it.

Sign the petition

Congratulations to everyone, especially to Ms. Sandy Buxton and Margaret Prophet and all their talented members at the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association.

Midhurst Community Centre 2

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Why are the Midhurst sprawl-miesters running scared by doing an “end run” to get their re-zoning orders?

March 24, 2014

The poor boys thought scoring was a “Done Deal” but others and the law appear to disagree.

Demanding the Ontario Municipal Board, OMB give them their precious re-zoning orders “RFN (full 10,000 houses):
  • before the environmental assessments are done (a no-n0, especially see RAMSAR certified Minesing Wetlands),
  • before the  current house negro township Council majority gets their increasingly-apparent doofus rubber-stamp on the crucial re-zoning orders, 
  • before Margaret Atwood and Friends (Michael  Ondaatje, Joseph Boyden, Maude Barlow, Neil & Pegi Young, and John Ralston Saul) show up at Nursery Road and Springwater Park-Camp Nibi,
  • before  the township’s Oct 27th township election allows democracy to do its purging work again,
  • before a new Minister (Linda Jeffrey quits Ontario cabinet to run for Brampton mayor) is appointed,
  • before a former Kingston municipal politician retires and passes Ontario’s 1st anti-SLAPP law, and
  • before Premier Wynne calls a spring provincial election, which would give her ….

….the pretense for a ministerial order overthrowing 100% of the financially reckless, environmentally-catastrophic Midhurst Secondary Plan.

With the stroke of a pen.

End Run Analogy: Colloquially, it has come to mean an attempt to avoid a difficult situation by dodging it without confronting it directly, or to attempt to circumvent someone’s authority by appealing to a different authority. Wikipedia

Come out to Council meeting tonight at 5:30 pm or the county museum tomorrow night to smell the fear and loathing.

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Is a “If you build it, they will Come” a responsible approach to a grotesque sprawl plan that could bankrupt Springwater Township?

March 21, 2014

Mayor Linda Collins appears a very sincere and nice individual.

Linda Collins Springwater Township 1

But that fact does not prevent her from likely being naively reckless in her legal duties. 

To suggest that a “if you build it they will come” is a responsible way for a Chief Magistrate to fulfill her fiduciary duties as the executive of the Corporation of the Township of Springwater as she does in yesterday’s national Global TV news coverage is, frankly, embarrassing

Mayor Collins seems to be unwavering in her faith. It seem odd, though, that the sprawl developers are acting in such a high risk, desperate way recently:

  1. an open revolt at township Council against the development-friendly 2014 operating and capital budget,
  2. a new newsletter mailed out on March 20, 2014,
  3. another public meeting on March 25th at the Simcoe County Museum (see below), and
  4. now the Midhurst Ratepayers’ report:

We have recently learned that the developers are now taking our local municipal governments to the Ontario Municipal Board to force them to re-zone all of the targeted farmland into residential space. This is well before the proper environmental studies have been completed! We feel that this is a push to rush the destruction of prime farmland and is unnecessary. That means more than ever we need to send a message that citizens will not tolerate such an abuse of process.

But who will pay for the Mayor’s folly: (A) her, (B) the developers or (C) all current and future township taxpayers?

Midhurst Community Info Meeting 2Please sign the Margaret Atwood petition.

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Global TV News and Margaret Atwood take on Springwater Township sprawl plan.

March 20, 2014

If you haven’t, please sign the petition to bring Margaret Atwood on side: sign here.

Global Margaret Atwood3

 Thu, Mar 20: Plans are in the works to turn the Ontario farming community of Midhurst into a bustling suburban city. But some in the community are calling the transformation a step backwards. Christina Stevens explains.

Click here to view the very well done newscast.

People and Organizations: Margaret Atwood, Margaret Prophet, Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association, Mayor Linda Collins, Township of Springwater, Christina Stevens, Global News, Chris Evans, Minesing Wetlands, Anne Ritchie-Nahuis, Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture

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Who is Grand Chief Derek Nepinak?

October 21, 2013

And why does SunMedia say not to brush him off?

Derek NepinakAssembly of Manitoba Chiefs: Wikipedia, Home site, YouTube RE: Royal Proclamation of 1763.

Who is guarding the guardians: Big time corruption in secrecy-heavy, backwater towns.

December 13, 2012

Shakedown for 50% of a company revealed by a  Radio-Canada TV and the Toronto Star joint investigation.

Tom Miller

Tom Miller, the former chief administrative officer of Lamont, Alta., is approached by the Star and Radio-Canada with questions about an alleged kickback scheme. He refused to answer questions. The allegations, which have not been proved in court, are the subject of lawsuits and an RCMP investigation.

Click here for video.

Julian Sher writes in today’s Toronto Star: Intrigue in the oilpatch: Quebec builder who hoped to cash in on Alberta’s oil boom caught in mulitimillion-dollar controversy involving alleged shakedowns, secret recordings and revenge:

Like many Quebec construction developers, Gilles Filiatreault is no stranger to kickbacks and extortion.

But he never expected to find trouble in a small town in Alberta’s industrial heartland eager to cash in on the riches of the oilpatch boom.

Now Filiatreault finds himself embroiled in a multimillion-dollar controversy involving clandestine recordings of alleged shakedowns and revenge, an ongoing RCMP criminal inquiry and a secretive town council forced to call on the province to investigate its activities.

A joint investigation by the Toronto Star and the Radio-Canada TV program Enquête into one Alberta community raises wider questions about transparency in small towns across Canada, where there is often little oversight into how and why money is managed and spent.

Excessive secrecy is well-known flag for wrongdoing.

“More often than not, we don’t know what is going on in these small towns,” says Jim Lightbody, chair of the University of Alberta’s department of political science and an expert in municipal politics. “It’s only when someone’s ox is gored that it becomes public.”

Still, a review of the minutes of town council meetings in recent months shows there are regular sessions behind closed doors in Lamont to discuss “personnel and property” issues — a secrecy that is allowed under provincial legislation, which critics say is open to abuse.

“The problem is that everything city hall does is personnel and land,” says the University of Alberta’s Lightbody. “These small town councils are so used to doing everything in private. Who is guarding the bloody guardians?”

A provincial government investigation into corruption:

Two days later, (Nov. 17, 2011) another secret council meeting — this one lasting almost two hours — concluded with the announcement that the town had requested the provincial Municipal Affairs department inspect “any matters connected with the management, administration and operations immediately.”

“If a town makes the request, something is really amiss,” says municipal affairs expert Jim Lightbody. “That means the problem is really out of hand — the cow pie is on the fan.”

And Mayor Bill Skinner denies former town manager Tom Miller was fired over kickback allegations.

Many believe there are way too many in camera sessions in Simcoe county area municipal governments.

NOTE: 1st Organizing Meeting for Save our Springwater Provincial Park group tomorrow

October 19, 2012

Saturday, October 20th: 10 to noon at Springwater Park, Highway 26, Midhurst.

I met Danny yesterday and he regrets not being able to make it out. He sent his music instead. Danny’s opening Soupstock with the Suzuki Foundation on Sunday (see below).

Very limited signed copies of his Message From a Mohawk Child CD (Native American flute) will be available for purchase as a fundraiser at the park tomorrow.

Danny Beaton:

  1. Anybody ask Danny Beaton’s nation about the Midhurst Sprawl Plan? on
  2. Mega-Quarry (ie. last weekend in Collingwood),
  3. getting arrested at Site 41,
  4. Danny Beaton recognized for his work to protect Mother Earth, John Bacher
  6. National Aboriginal Achievement Award, and
  7. Council of Canadians.

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